Four Types of Meditation

There are literally thousands of styles and types of meditation developed throughout history by the diverse cultures around our planet. Some of these exercises and techniques are more suited to our modern times than others, but we encourage you to follow your interest and discover whichever method might be right for you.

For the purposes of our online course, we have divided the world of meditation into four basic meditation  practices: Relaxation, Concentration, Mindfulness,  and The Flow State

Although we teach these types of meditation separately, each one contains elements of the others and they all aim to bring about the presence, awareness, and peace that are characteristic of the a true mindful state.

Relaxation and Concentration practices tend to be taught first.  These basic practices establish the foundational skills that are used for the more sophisticated forms of meditation practice like Mindfulness and Flow.  Flow is in some ways a metaphor for the Mindful State itself where one is fully at ease in the present moment even in the midst of the world and daily activities.

These four basic types of meditation are each briefly discussed in the free introductory lectures listed below.  If you are beginning a formal mindfulness practice, we suggest that you consider enrolling in our comprehensive Online Mindfulness Course.

  1. Relaxation Practice
  2. Concentration Practice
  3. Mindfulness Practice
  4. The Flow State 


Free Guided Meditations

There is a well-known metaphor in the world of meditation that it is very important to not mistake the map for the real journey.  The real fruits of mindfulness practice do not come through understanding along.

Only when the concepts learned in study are discovered in your own direct personal experience will you understand their full significance and power.

Listed below are a few free guided meditation exercises that will give you a taste of  the types of meditation exercises we present as part of our Online Mindfulness Course.

  1.  Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  2. A Forest Visualization 
  3. A Short Mindfulness Meditation
  4. A Guided Mindfulness Meditation




Free Meditation Timer

A Meditative Moment Meditation TimerEnjoy a nature slideshow with the sounds of rolling waves while you meditate.  The timer is free to use, and is compatible with many different meditation techniques.


Click on this symbol to activate The Meditative Moment Meditation Timer.  It will open in a new window. 


Simply choose the length of time you would like to meditate and click Set Timer.  The timer will then load.  Enjoy your meditation session.  A gentle Gong will signal when your practice session is over. 


All of the pictures in the slideshow were taken by Dr. Readett.
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Online Mindfulness Meditation Course

If you are interested in entering the world of meditation more deeply we offer a comprehensive online mindfulness course.


Our course covers all aspects of meditation from it's early history to it's current widespread use in modern health care settings.  Our goal is to guide you in creating your own mindfulness meditation practice.  We introduce you to a wide variety of meditation techniques - both in theory and through the use of guided experiential meditation exercises.


A Meditative Moment Online Course

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