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Mindfulness meditation teaches you how to enter a unique state of presence in the here and now that is the doorway to your own deepest and richest experience of life.  This website is designed to make this special mindful state easily accessible by integrating the latest scientific findings on mindfulness with ancient and proven mindfulness meditation techniques.

After seeing thousands of clients between them benefit from basic mindfulness skills in more traditional forms of therapy, Drs. Readett and Gallacher began to wonder how the web might allow this information to reach a larger audience.  This was the beginning of A Meditative Moment.

Dr. Readett and Dr. Gallacher have each taught mindfulness meditation in a variety of clinical settings for over 15 years and their own study of meditation has spanned two decades.  During this time they have seen how adding a simple and brief mindfulness practice can greatly improve the quality of their client's lives.  This website is a synthesis of the best teachings and techniques that they have encountered in their years of clinical practice, and the Meditative Moment Online Mindfulness Course is an online version of a live mindfulness course currently taught by Dr. Readett at the Williamsville Wellness Center in Williamsville, N.Y.


Drs. Readett and Gallacher fully acknowledge the limitations of this approach and are in no way implying that the information provided here is an adequate substitute for professional psychological treatment.  They encourage you to seek competent help if you think you might need it.  A safe collaborative relationship between therapist and client is an absolute necessity for successful treatment.  More information about the appropriate role of mindfulness in the prevention and treatment of various physical and psychological conditions can be found on the Research page.

Free Information

There is a large amount of free information about mindfulness meditation available on this site. And the meditation techniques presented here have all been empirically validated by scientific research.  This research is presented in detail on our RESEARCH page. 

We invite you to explore a little and if you are interested in a deeper more structured journey into the world of meditation, we offer an in depth Online Mindfulness Course that provides a comprehensive guide to mindfulness meditation from the beginner level through advanced practice.

A Wellness Approach

Our approach to teaching mindfulness benefits from the decades of clinical experience that Drs. Readett and Gallacher have between them teaching meditation to real people in modern health care settings.  We see mindfulness as one important aspect of a wellness approach to life and health. We have seen firsthand the effect that even a small increase in awareness can have on the quality of our lives, and it is our belief that meditation has great potential to improve the overall wellness of our bodies, minds, and Spirits.  More information can be found on our home website http://www.psychologicalwellness.org




Dr. Brenden Readett

Dr. Brenden Readett is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice at The Williamsville Wellness Center with special interest and expertise in holistic and integral approaches to wellness.  Dr. Readett has taught in the Dept. of Holistic Studies at JFK University in California, The State University of New York at Buffalo, and Medaille College.

He has conducted individual and group psychotherapy in a variety of settings with a wide range of clients.  He specializes in self-esteem, borderline personality disorder, trauma recovery, severe and persistent mental illness, existential issues, and mindfulness-based treatments.  

Free Meditation Timer

A Meditative Moment Meditation TimerEnjoy a nature slideshow with the sounds of rolling waves while you meditate.  The timer is free to use, and is compatible with many different meditation techniques.


Click on this symbol to activate The Meditative Moment Meditation Timer.  It will open in a new window. 


Simply choose the length of time you would like to meditate and click Set Timer.  The timer will then load.  Enjoy your meditation session.  A gentle Gong will signal when your practice session is over. 


All of the pictures in the slideshow were taken by Dr. Readett.
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Dr. Fiona Gallacher

Dr. Gallacher is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice at the Williamsville Wellness Center in Williamsville NY.  As part of her training she completed an Internship at the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at The Boston VA Medical Center where she developed an expertise in treating posttraumatic stress.

She then completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Kaiser Permanente in Pleasant Hill, California where she became increasingly interested in mindfulness-based treatments for common psychological problems such as anxiety, panic, and depression.

Online Mindfulness Meditation Course

If you are interested in entering the world of meditation more deeply we offer a comprehensive online mindfulness course.


Our course covers all aspects of meditation from it's early history to it's current widespread use in modern health care settings.  Our goal is to guide you in creating your own mindfulness meditation practice.  We introduce you to a wide variety of meditation techniques - both in theory and through the use of guided experiential meditation exercises.


A Meditative Moment Online Course

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